Join us for our Virtual Open House to learn more about the University of Maryland Master’s of Engineering degree programs. Information covered will include academic program options, application requirements and deadlines. Individuals attending will have the opportunity to ask questions about the master of engineering program, in addition admissions coordinators will be on hand to answer admission questions. 

These sessions are hosted live by the program staff and faculty, as well as the Coordinator of Admissions to provide prospective students with an opportunity to learn more about the graduate on campus and online engineering programs.

Virtual Open House Schedule:

July 10, 2018 9-10am EST (Fire Protection) 
July 19, 2018 12-1pm EST (Fire Protection)
July 24, 2018 9-10am EST (Reliability)  
August 7, 2018 9-10am EST (Energy Systems Engineering)
August 15, 2018 9-10am EST (Project Management)  
August 29, 2018 10-11am EST (International Admissions)
September 13, 2018 10-11am EST (International Admissions)
October 16, 2018 12-1pm EST (All Programs)
October 18, 2018 12-1pm EST (Admissions process Q&A)
November 27, 2018 12-1pm EST (All Programs)
November 29, 2018 12-1pm EST (Admissions process Q&A)
December 11, 2018 12-1pm EST (Admissions process Q&A) 
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