Financial Aid and Assitantships

Citizens and permanent residents with demonstrated financial need may submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Financial Aid Office to apply for loans, work-study, and need-based grants. OAEE students can also apply for an administrative graduate assitantship. Additional resources for graduate students are available here

Preferred Partner Initiative

The Preferred Partner Initiative provides Clark School Corporate Partners employees a 10 percent discounted tuition scholarship when they enroll in a Master of Engineering or Graduate Certificate in Engineering program.  Members of the Bethesda chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Assoication are also elgible to apply. To receive the scholarship, applicants must be a current employee or member in good standing (i.e. actively employed full-time or an active member) of a Clark School Corporate Partner in that semester and a student in good academic standing in the Clark School. Please note that there are strict deadlines to apply for this scholarship each semester.

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