Financial Aid and Assitantships

Citizens and permanent residents with demonstrated financial need may submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Financial Aid Office to apply for loans, work-study, and need-based grants. OAEE students can also apply for an administrative graduate assitantship. Additional resources for graduate students are available here


OAEE Teaching Assistantship and Grader Positions

OAEE Teaching Assistant (TA) and Grader positions for support of ENPM courses will be added to the following links as they become available and deleted as they become filled.  Eligibility information for positions can also be found at the links below.

  • OAEE TA Positions
    Please note that most Spring 2019 Cyber and Robotics TA positions will be posted between now and November. Other Spring 2019 TA positions will likely become available from late November through mid-January.
  • OAEE Grader Positions
    Please note that most Grader positions for Spring 2019 will become available from late November through mid-January.