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Sofge, Don

Sofge, Don

Office of Advanced Engineering Education

Don Sofge is a Roboticist at the Naval Research Laboratory with 30 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Control Systems R&D. He leads the Distributed Autonomous Systems Group in the Laboratory for Autonomous Systems Research, where he develops nature-inspired computing paradigms to challenging problems in sensing, artificial intelligence, and control of autonomous robotic systems. His current research focuses on control of autonomous teams or swarms of heterogeneous robotic systems. He has served as an advisor on autonomous systems to DARPA, ONR, OSD, ARL, NSF, and NASA, as well as US representative on international TTCP and NATO technical panels on autonomous systems, and currently serves as a member of the Robotics and Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Interagency Working Groups under the White House OSTP National Science and Technology Council.

Autonomous Teams, Nature-inspired Computing, Machine Learning, Intelligent Control, Multiagent Planning, Trust in Autonomous Systems

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