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Dr. Ganesan, Dharmalingam

Dr. Ganesan, Dharmalingam

Lecturer (Software Security)
Office of Advanced Engineering Education

Dr. Dharma started his career as a software engineer in year 2000. As an applied researcher in the field of software engineering, he has been performing software design reverse engineering, automated software test case generation, and model-based testing on several industrial systems. He has been working for Fraunhofer since 2003 as a computer scientist. His current projects include architectural analysis of (large) implemented systems, generating xUnit test cases from usage models of component APIs, search methods and tools for managing a huge collection of documents, including source code, requirements, and test cases. Dharma has gained experiences in extracting and analyzing software architectures, from the perspective of security, testability and performance, of software-based systems developed by several organizations including NASA, Honeywell Aerospace, Hitachi, Ricoh, John Deere, Biofortis MD, Global Net Solutions MD, TSS Sweden, Market Maker AG Germany, and Testo AG Germany. Many of those results are disclosed in conferences, journals, and workshops. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands, while working in parallel with industry/government.

Security, Software Architecture, Model-based Testing, Reverse Engineering

Please see https://www.slideshare.net/dganesan11

ENPM 691 - Secure Programming in C

ENPM 697 -  Secure Software Testing and Construction