OAEE Faculty

Chung, Peter W.

Chung, Peter W.

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Office of Advanced Engineering Education
2135 Glenn L. Martin Hall, Building 088



  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • B.S., Aerospace Engineering w/ High Honors, University of Virginia




  • 2010 Army Science Conference Best Paper Award (w/ S. Izvekov and B. M. Rice)
  • 2008 ICCES Outstanding Young Investigator Award in Computation
  • 2004 U.S. Army, Research, Development and Engineering Command, Outstanding Young Scientist & Engineer
  • 2003 Department of the Army, Superior Civilian Service Award
  • 2003 Baltimore Federal Executive Board, Excellence in Federal Career Award, Bronze Medal
  • 22nd Army Sciences Conference Best Paper Award, 2000 (w/ R Namburu)




  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 
  • US Association for Computational Mechanics (USACM)
  • Associate Editorships: ASME Journal of Engineering Materials & Technology 
  • Editorial Boards: International Journal for Computational Multiscale Engineering




  • Computational focus in fields of mechanics, materials, physics, & chemistry
  • Multiscale Modeling & Simulation
  • Classical and quantum modeling of atomic scale solids
  • Computational methods
  • High performance computing
  • Mesoscale and microstructure effects on materials

Full list at http://blog.umd.edu/crstl



  • J. Crone, K. Leiter, J. Knap, P. W. Chung, A. Arsenlis, S. Aubry, M. Tang, G. Hommes, “A Massively Parallel Coupled Finite Element Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Simulator.” in review, 2013.
  • L. B. Munday, R. Mitchell, J. Knap, and P. W. Chung, “The importance of molecule flexibility on the nucleation of dislocations in molecular crystals." in review, 2013.
  • M. M. Shahzamanian, T. Tadepalli, A. M. Rajendran, R. Mohan, W. Hodo, R. Valisetty, P. W. Chung, and J. J. Ramsey, “Representative Volume Element Based Modeling of Cementitious Materials." in review, 2013.
  • J. J. Ramsey and P. W. Chung, “Massively Parallel Asymptotic Expansion Homogenization for Complex Microstructures.” in review, 2013.
  • J. Solomon, P. W. Chung, D. Srivastava, E. Darve, “Method and Advantages of Genetic Algorithms in Parameterization of Interatomic Potentials: Metal-Oxides.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1306.1196, 2013.
  • N. Mathew, C. Picu, P. W. Chung, “Peierls Stress of Dislocations in Molecular Crystal Cyclotrimethylene Trinitramine." The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 117, 5326, 2013.
  • N. S. Weingarten and P. W. Chung, “a-Type edge dislocation mobility in wurtzite GaN using molecular dynamics.” Scripta Materialia, 69, 311, 2013.
  • B. Kraczek and P. W. Chung, “Investigation of direct and indirect phonon-mediated bond excitation in alpha-RDX.” The Journal of Chemical Physics, 138, 074505, 2013.
  • Chi-Chin Wu, Peter W. Chung, Sylvie Aubry, Lynn B. Munday, Athanasios Arsenlis, “On the strength of binary junctions in hexagonal close-packed crystals.” Acta Materialia, 61, 3422, 2013.


  • L. Munday, S. Solares, P. W. Chung, “Generalized stacking fault energy surfaces in the molecular crystal alpha-RDX." Philosophical Magazine, 92, 3036, 2012.


  • B. J. Henz, P.W. Chung, J. W. Andzelm, T.L. Chantawansri, J.L. Lenhart, and F.L. Beyer, “Determination of Binding Energy and Solubility Parameters for Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles by Molecular Dynamics Simulation." Langmuir, 27, 7836, 2011.
  • Z. Zhang, A. Chatterjee, C. Grein, A. J. Ciani, P. W. Chung,  “Atomic-scale modeling of InxGa1-xN quantum dot self-assembly." Journal of Vacuum Science, 29, 03C133, 2011.
  • S. Izvekov, P. W. Chung, and B. M. Rice, “Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation study of heat transport in RDX”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 54, 5623, 2011.
  • S. Izvekov, P. W. Chung and B. M. Rice, “Particle-based multiscale coarse graining with density-dependent potentials: Application to molecular crystals." Journal of Chemical Physics, 135, 044112, 2011.
  • J. Crone, J. Knap, P. W. Chung, and B. M. Rice, “Role of Microstructure in the Initiation of Ni-Al Reactive Multilayers." Applied Physics Letters, 98, 141910, 2011.
  • L. Munday, P. W. Chung, B. M. Rice, and S. Solares, “Simulations of High Pressure Phases in RDX.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 115, 4378-4386, 2011.

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