Mr. Brian O'Connor, Associate Engineer, National Fire Protection Association

Full Name

Pursuing MEng. in Fire Protection Engineering
Degree Program: 
National Fire Protection Association
Job title: 
Associate Engineer

Born and raised in New Jersey, I grew up in a house headed by a Firefighter and learned many aspects of fire safety early on. In school I had a passion for the sciences, which led me to major in Mechanical Engineering at a NJ State University, Rowan University. After my studies I was employed by a marine construction company where I got to learn about construction, design, and safety engineering. After my time working there, I decided to move to Boston and work for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). To help further my fire safety career I am pursuing my Masters in Fire Protection Engineering through the University of Maryland's online program where I enjoy the combination of convenience and a quality education.

Why Maryland: 
I wish to pursue my Masters of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland College Park in preference to any other institution because of its outstanding academic reputation. There are many great fire protection engineers that came from the University Maryland that I have crossed paths with since starting work at the NFPA, many of which I work alongside. I desire to further my studies in order to develop a better understanding of the aspects of fire science, from fire dynamics to smoke management, modeling, design and more.

Office of Advanced Engineering Education

2105 J.M. Patterson Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

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