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The University of Maryland College Park has a Continuous Registration Requirement. This means that all graduate students must register for courses and pay associated tuition and fees each semester, not including summer and winter sessions, until the degree is awarded. If a student is not able to register in a given fall or spring semester, a Waiver of Continuous Registration or Leave of Absence for Childbearing, Adoption, Illness or Dependent Care may be appropriate to submit. Please note that if a student is not registered or has not submitted a waiver or leave of absence by the first day of classes for the semester is at risk of program admission cancellation.

Who is my Advisor?

A list of all the OAEE program advisors can be found here.

Consult with your advisor before registering for courses to ensure you are on the right path to your degree!

Additionally, please feel free to contact Sonja Dietrich, Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, at with questions about registration or academic policies and procedures, in general.

What do I need to do before registering each semester?

Review your program curriculum, the OAEE Course Scheduling website and the Testudo Schedule of Courses website to formulate a tentative plan of study for the semester.

  • See the Graduate Catalog for additional course information
  • If you require permission to enroll in a course on Testudo, please contact Ms. Sonja Dietrich at with the course code, section, and your UID.
How can I register, and when do courses begin?

Detailed information with specific steps on how to register for courses can be found at

For course dates, please see the Academic Calendar at

What do I do if a course says I need permission to enroll?

If you require permission to enroll in a course on Testudo, please contact Ms. Sonja Dietrich at with the course code, section, and your UID.

What section should I enroll in?

Please refer to this page for a basic guide to course sections.

Am I allowed to audit a course?

Yes, you may audit a course, provided that the course is set up to have an audit option available in Testudo. However, please be aware of the following policies surrounding auditing:

  • Courses registered for the Audit grading option are not included in the calculation of credits for the maintenance of full-time status.
  • Audited courses will not count towards degree progression and, as such, if a student wishes to use the course towards a degree program, it would have to be retaken for under a regular grading method.
  • Audited courses cost the same as regular grading method courses.
  • Audited courses may affect loan repayment/status. Please check with the Office of Financial Aid before choosing this selection.
When will my Testudo account be charged, and how do I pay my bill?

Generally, it takes a few days after the point of registration for the appropriate charges to appear in your Testudo account and bill updates are run around the third week of each month.

Payment Methods

Billing Due Dates

View Your Bill

Will I get a refund if I have to drop courses that I’m already registered in?

Overall, to obtain a 100% refund on any course you must drop BEFORE coursework begins for that semester.

Once the semester starts no 100% refunds are available, so please pay attention to your registration (including any waitlists, etc.), Moving forward in the semester, there are different refund policies depending on whether you are dropping ALL of your courses for that semester or whether you are dropping an individual course(s) but will still be enrolled in others.

Can I see the course syllabus or required textbooks for the courses?

Syllabi for ENPM (and certain non-ENPM) courses offered each semester will be posted on the OAEE Course Scheduling website

Textbooks for your classes will be listed on Testudo (with a book icon) and can be purchased through the University Book Center on-campus (or from another textbook retailer). Certain course materials are only available via the University Book Center.

How will I access the course materials once enrolled?

You will use the Canvas Online Learning Management System to access all of your courses. Detailed information and videos can be accessed at

Please note that courses are not accessible to students on Canvas until a few days before the classes are scheduled to begin. If your courses is not accessible on the first day of classes, please contact the instructor directly or Sonja Dietrich, the OAEE Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, at

Will I need a proctor for my exams in remote or online course sections?

A proctored exam is administered by an individual who supervises the student while he/she is taking the exam. The proctor’s function is to ensure the integrity and security of the exam. You will be notified if your course requires proctoring. Students enrolled in remote or online sections may require proctors for their exams. In this case, they will be contacted directly by the Distance Education Technology Services (DETS) office or the OAEE at the beginning of the given semester. Additionally, more information on proctoring can be found on the Proctoring FAQ page.

What is ENPM808?

ENPM808 is an Independent Study course. In some cases, this can be an alternative to a technical elective. However, please note that this requires the approval of your Program Advisor and requires a professor willing to work with you to formulate and complete the independent study. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please begin discussing it with your advisor far in advance of the semester you wish to complete the project.

With further questions about this option, please contact Brittani Berry, Program Management Specialist, at

What do I need to do to graduate?

The graduation application is due towards the beginning of the semester that you intend to graduate. In addition to applying for graduation by the deadline, you will need to complete the full course curriculum for your program, have fulfilled all provisions placed upon you at the point of admission, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. The most surefire way to ensure you do not miss any graduation deadlines, is to let our office know when you have a tentative graduation semester identified. We will then track this for you and send you individualized emails with any deadlines and instructions you will need!

With further questions about graduating or to inform us of your intended graduation semester, please contact Brittani Berry, Program Management Specialist, at

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