Sustainable Energy Online

Be a part of this exciting academic program, learning from faculty in the Departments of Mechanical EngineeringNuclear EngineeringReliability EngineeringChemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Systems Engineering, this unique multi-disciplinary curriculum represents their commitment to preparing engineers for the challenges of this rapidly growing field. Courses are taught by the university’s foremost experts in various areas of energy engineering as well as international experts from the public and private sectors.

The curriculum will consist of five core courses and five elective courses. The student will select from three elective sets, whichever fits his/her individual needs, and will take courses from that elective set with the approval of his/her academic advisor. 

Drawing upon the Clark School’s strengths in energy engineering through UMERC (University of Maryland Energy Research Center), we will be able to offer working engineers and technical professionals access to the coursework and faculty at the forefront of energy science and technology.

The high interest in Sustainable Energy Engineering education locally and the lack of an equivalent option available from other top engineering schools nationwide necessitate offering the Master’s program on-line nationally and internationally. The sustainable energy field is an international and dynamic area where well-trained engineers are in high demand. Graduates can expect to find employment in either companies or government agencies. The Master of Engineering program in Sustainable Energy Engineering is also an excellent starting point for a research career.

In its on-campus and on-line forms, a student is awarded the Master of Engineering degree in the Sustainable Energy Engineering academic option after having completed ten three-credit courses.


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