Materials Science & Engineering

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Courses

ENMA461, ENMA650, ENMA661, and one additional 600 level ENMA elective.


ENMA461 Thermodynamics of Materials (3)
Thermodynamic aspects of materials; basic concepts and their application in design and processing of materials and systems. Topics include: energy, entropy, adiabatic and isothermal processes, internal and free energy, heat capacity, phase equilibria and surfaces and interfaces.

ENMA650 Nanometer Structure of Materials (3)
Prerequisite: ENMA 470 or equivalent.
The basic concepts required for understanding nanostructured materials and their behavior will be covered. Topics covered include the structural aspects of crystalline and amorphous solids and relationships to bonding types, point and space groups. Summary of diffraction theory and practice. The reciprocal lattice. Relationships of the microscopically measured properties to crystal symmetry. Structural aspects of defects in crystalline solids.

ENMA661 Kinetics of Reactions in Materials (3)
Prerequisite: ENMA660.
The theory of thermally activated processes in solids as applied to diffusion, nucleation and interface motion. Cooperative and diffusionless transformations. Applications selected from processes such as allotropic transformations, precipitation, martensite formation, solidification, ordering, and corrosion.

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