Office of Advanced Engineering Education

OAEE Tuition and Fees - Students in an OAEE program of study pay a special tuition rate, which does not differentiate between residents and non-residents of Maryland. Additional graduate student fees are charged. Tuition and fees are subject to change. Additionally, University fellowships or tuition remission associated with any graduate assistantships do not fully cover the tuition rate for this program.

Clark School Corporate Preferred Partner Scholarship - The Preferred Partner Initiative will provide Clark School Corporate Partners employees/members a 10% discounted tuition scholarship when they enroll in the Clark School's Professional Master of Engineering (ENPM) Program or the Graduate Certificate in Engineering (GCEN) Program to pursue one one of the 19 academic options. To receive the scholarship, the applicant must be a current employee/member of a Clark School Corporate Partner in good standing (i.e. actively employed full-time or an active member) in that semester and also in good academic standing with the ENPM or GCEN programs in the Clark School. Please note that there are strict deadlines to apply for this scholarship each semester.

Financial Aid and Alternative Funding Options

Financial Aid Office - Loans, work-study and need-based grants for citizens and permanent residents with demonstrated financial need may submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Financial Aid Office. This office also provides a page of financial aid resources specific to graduate students.

Graduate Assistantships - There are three types of graduate assistantships on campus: Administrative, Teaching, and Research. As OAEE programs are not research-based, students must often apply for administrative assistantships. Students should note that graduate assistantships across campus are very competitive and should not be counted on as a source of funding.

Other Resources

Graduate School Financial Literacy Workshop Series - Videos

Graduate School Tax Assistance Program and Information - Each year the Graduate School provides in-person federal income tax preparation services for Graduate Students. Additionally, free access to the Glacier Tax Prep services will be provided to nonresident aliens who earned income from the University of Maryland in the given year.  Additional information about this service will be made available to students as it becomes available each year. 

Office of Advanced Engineering Education

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