Frequently Asked Questions on Proctoring

What is a proctored exam?
A proctored exam is administered by an individual who supervises the student while he/she is taking the exam. The proctor’s function is to ensure the integrity and security of the exam. You will be notified if your course requires proctoring.

What does the proctor do?
Exams are emailed to proctors on the business day before the exam is to be administered. The proctor prints the exam and gives it to the student. Proctors time the exam, stop the student when the time runs out, and then faxes or scans and emails the exam and any supplementary notes/pages to the OAEE. Once the proctor has the OAEE’s written confirmation that the electronic materials were received, the proctor then mails the hard copy to the OAEE. Students will need to be informed if they are to provide postage for the mailing.

Who can be my proctor?
The proctor may be any disinterested third party.  A member of the HR/Training staff within your company would qualify to serve in this position.  Students have used hotel concierges, librarians, religious leaders (i.e. pastors), and military education officers when an HR/Training staff member is unavailable.  The proctor cannot be any person with a vested interest in your success, such as another student in the program, a friend, family member, supervisor, or subordinate.  You and the proctor can be in the same department or work on the same project, but one cannot report to the other.

What if I have already have a proctor on file with OAEE?
You must submit a Proctoring Agreement to the OAEE every semester.  

Can I come to campus to take my exams with the class?
Please contact your professor for permission to sit with the class on exam dates. You MUST notify the OAEE if permission is obtained.

Are there other local options for proctoring?

  • The OAEE proctors exams during regular business hours (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday).
  • The Distance Education Technology & Services (DETS) office proctors exams after-hours (5:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Monday-Thursday, in 2125 J.M. Patterson).

How do I schedule my exam?
Professors provide the date range for exams to the students.  If you are taking an exam outside of the exam schedule, you must provide written permission from the professor to the OAEE, preferably one week in 

What is the Honor Pledge?
Information regarding the University of Maryland Honor pledge is here.

If I miss an exam, can I take it later?
If you miss your scheduled exam time, your professor may give you a zero on the exam.  When you have a conflict with an exam time/date, please contact your professor as soon as possible (and copy the OAEE) for the permission to take it on another day.

The OAEE reserves the right to deny any proctor or assign proctors to students as necessary. If you have questions about an individual’s suitability, contact Brittani Berry, Program Management Specialist, at (301) 405-3017 or e-mail


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