You are about to submit an application to the Master of Engineering program which is a non-thesis, non-research based program. For more detailed information regarding this program, we urge you to visit our website at If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Neela Balkissoon at

The application process for all of our programs is done through the Graduate School of the University of Maryland.

To begin the application please go to and in the the First-Time User box click on "New User".

When you are filling out the online application you will see several tabs which ask for different information. Under the tab "Educational Intent" be sure to apply to the correct program.

Our programs are listed as follows with online programs having their own listing for Program of Study:

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Programs Major Code
GR Certif: Engineering-Aerospace Z053
GR Certif: Engineering-Bioengineering Z054
GR Certif: Engineering-Bioengineering (online) Z083
GR Certif: Engineering-Chemical and Biomolecular Z055
GR Certif: Engineering-Civil and Environmental Z056
GR Certif: Cybersecurity Z073
GR Certif: Engineering-Electrical and Computer Z057
GR Certif: Engineering-Energetic Concepts (online) Z072
GR Certif: Engineering-Environmental Z058
GR Certif: Engineering-Fire Protection Z059
GR Certif: Engineering-Fire Protection (online) Z049
GR Certif: Engineering-Materials Science Z060
GR Certif: Engineering-Mechanical Z061
GR Certif: Engineering-Nuclear (online) Z050
GR Certif: Engineering-Project Mgmt Z063
GR Certif: Engineering-Project Mgmt (online) Z040
GR Certif: Engineering-Regulatory Z087
GR Certif: Engineering-Reliability Z064
GR Certif: Engineering-Reliability (online) Z042
GR Certif: Engineering-Robotics Z084
GR Certif: Engineering-Software Z065
GR Certif: Engineering-Sustainable Energy Z066
GR Certif: Engineering-Systems Engineering Z067


Master of Engineering Programs Major Code
Master of Engineering-Aerospace PMAE
Master of Engineering-Bioengineering PMBI
Master of Engineering-Bioengineering (online) MEBI
Master of Engineering-Civil and Environmental PMCE
Master of Engineering-Chemical and Biomolecular PMCH
Master of Engineering-Cybersecurity PMCY
Master of Engineering-Electrical and Computer PMEE
Master of Engineering-Energetic Concepts (online) MEEC
Master of Engineering-Environmental PMEN
Master of Engineering-Fire Protection PMFP
Master of Engineering-Fire Protection (online) ENGF
Master of Engineering-Materials Science PMMS
Master of Engineering-Mechanical PMME
Master of Engineering-Nuclear (online) MENU
Master of Engineering-Project Mgmt PMPM
Master of Engineering-Project Mgmt (online) MEPM
Master of Engineering-Reliability PMRE
Master of Engineering-Reliability (online) MERE
Master of Engineering-Robotics PMRO
Master of Engineering-Sustainable Energy PMSU
Master of Engineering-Sustainable Energy (online) MEEE
Master of Engineering-Systems Engineering PMSE

For faster processing of your application, please send official transcripts directly to our office. Also, please have your recommenders use the online form available when you complete your ASF (applicant supplement form). If letters are being mailed, please send them to our office as well.

Office of Advanced Engineering Education
2105 J.M. Patterson Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Attn: Admissions

Office of Advanced Engineering Education

2105 J.M. Patterson Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

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