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"Safety & Mission Assurance for NASA made Maryland the only university considered to offer their Reliability Engineering program."
PRA Engineer for SAIC at NASA Johnson Space Center

Reliability, Bioengineering
GCEN Reliability Engineering '10
Background Information: 

As a Senior Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) Engineer for SAIC supporting the NASA Johnson Space Center, Bryan performs safety, reliability, and PRAs for multiple programs and projects in the Safety & Mission Assurance.  This analysis supports vehicle design decisions and operational impacts across many programs.  The program Bryan participated in was chosen becuase NASA and Maryland have a long history of successful collaboration on multiple engineering projects and Maryland is a recognized leader in Reliability Engineering.

"My expectations of the program were to give me further knowledge on the subject of Reliability Engineering and to gain better understanding in areas that I have not been exposed to during my career," said Fuqua.  "I've been able to take the knowledge gained in the classes and directly apply it to the work I do on a daily basis.  Each of the faculty were able to bring their work/consulting experiences into the classroom.  This was very helpful to bridge the gap from the textbook to reality."  We asked Bryan what he would say to someone considering graduate courses in Reliability Engineering from Maryland.  "The program expands the basic foundation of knowledge in the field.  There is something for everyone to learn an apply at work from each course."


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